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大不一样. 本网站的总统牌精选美国花旗参,是经过特别严格挑选的纯正美国花旗参,品质优良,稳定可靠,送礼自奉,无上佳品,顾客有口皆碑。

What make you the #1 ginseng merchant in Yahoo! Shopping?

There are many reasons for us being the #1 ginseng merchant. Among them are:
1. Quality. Quality of product is our number one priority. As a farming product, ginseng’s quality can differ from field to field, from grower to grower, even from plot to plot of the same grower. We pay ginseng growers high prices to select only high quality ginseng. We make less profit on every pound of ginseng than competitors, but we are having more and more loyal customers and referrals from these customers in the long run.

2. Service. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction. We are confident with our products and give our customers confidence shopping from us. If you don't like any item you purchased from us, for any reason or no reason, or just simply change mind, you can return it within 30 days after you receive it. We charge no restocking fee, compared with 10% ~ 25% restocking fees charged by competitors.

3. Security. Your personal information is protected by Yahoo! Shopping, which uses the Stronghold secure server, currently the best product technically. It supports industry-standard 128-bit SSL encryption. When you enter your credit card number into our order form, it is transmitted across the Internet in an encrypted (scrambled) form and not decoded until Yahoo! receives it. For added security, Yahoo! also encrypts the credit card number when it is stored on disk. While you enjoy the great prices and service from us, you enjoy great security provided by Yahoo! too.
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